Our Services

Software Implementation

We help companies draw up their short- and long-term software implementation roadmaps. We advocate reasonable software investment while ensuring smooth business transformation through custom solutions and their safe adoption.

Solutions Consulting

When companies have doubts choosing the right software for their challenges, we provide business solution consulting. Together, we decide on the system to implement (CRM, ERP, DMS, CMS, etc.) as well as the development and customization scope.

Technology Advisory

Diesel Rocket Fuel software consultants assist our clients in selecting the most suitable technology stacks for their solutions. Be it a programming language or a ready-to-use platform, we help businesses review technologies’ pros and cons before starting their projects.

Our Consulting Approach

Our team supports businesses at different stages of their software development and implementation projects. We have the skills and expertise to shape early concepts into detailed solution specifications. We also manage full-cycle development of enterprise systems of any complexity and integrate them smoothly into business processes and IT infrastructures.

Product Engineering

We assist you at every stage of the product engineering journey from product ideation to implementation and support, we deliver custom product development services tailored to your business vision. Our IT consulting services span custom web and mobile development, software migration, integration, and support. We also help businesses set up DevOps practices and provide effective project management.

App Development

Diesel Rocket Fuel develops custom web and mobile applications while prioritizing their easy management, integration and scalability.  We couple our development activities with continuous testing to check the solution’s performance and behavior, as well as assess the functional health of all software components.

Dev Ops

Being among established DevOps consulting firms,  Diesel Rocket Fuel sets up software delivery in line with the DevOps methodologies from scratch, as well as helps companies enhance their existing processes, be it software design, deployment, or QA and testing.  The health of the developed code is one of our priorities. That’s why we create DevOps environments where organizations can have full control over every line of code, as well as support the integrity of all delivery pipelines.

Managed I.T Services

Diesel Rocket Fuel is a managed IT services provider that brings its knowledge and available computing resources to help businesses professionally manage their IT environments.  We take on the full scope of managed IT services, thus minimizing the management workload for our customers. We also integrate our own specialists into the customers’ in-house IT teams to improve management processes and put relevant methodologies into practice.

Cyber Security Testing

We will run a multi-faceted evaluation to measure the level of the system protection & the safety of sensitive user data. Our team will scan for vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure, the client & server sides, as well as perform a series of simulated tests to reveal all possible security flaws.

  • Pre-audit security evaluation
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Cloud security assurance
  • Network security scanning
  • Security code review
  • Penetration testing